Version Raptor

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Version Raptor

Hyper Brew
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Take version management in Premiere Pro and After Effects to the next level.

Ever forget to save or version up? Version Raptor is here to help.

Smart Version Up

Need to version up your project or comp/sequence? Version Raptor's got your back. Easily version up your project or comp/sequence that contains some form of a version number with one click. Bring your own naming convention, Version Raptor will detect the last set of numbers and increment it safely through duplication so you can always go back to the old version if needed.

  • project-v01 > project-v02
  • comp_0001 > comp_0002
  • sequence_v01_JT > sequence_v02_JT

Add Version

If your project, comp, or sequence doesn't have a version number yet, use the add version button to easily append a version number to the name or your project, comp, or sequence.

Warns When it's Time to Save

If it's been over the hour limit, Version Raptor will warn you that it's time to save.

Dial in the Reminder Threshold

You can adjust the hour limit to your preferred duration.

Safe Versioning

The version up button is disabled if Version Raptor detects a newer version of your project file to prevent overwriting the latest file and to warn you that you're probably viewing the wrong project file.

I want this!

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